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Abuse is not tolerated by any players either in the Complexity Craft or outside it.

Players may be removed from servers, websites or other Complexity Craft assets permanently or on a temporary basis.

Offensive Language

Complexity Craft is considered an adult playing group. Offensive language is tolerated but not condoned.

Deliberate Destruction

This rule mainly applies to Minecraft or the website. Deliberate destruction (griefing) of players properties, items or assets will not be tolerated and a player may be permanently removed from the server and or the website.


All member of Complexity Craft are to be courteous to other players despite being abused. Complexity Craft members are ambassadors of Complexity Craft and are to try to uphold the rules and traditions.


Player Bans

Temporary Bans

Players may be banned for a short period of time up to two weeks at a time for any breech of our rules that an admin seem fit.

Temporary Bans are NOT appealable and the full sentence will be carried out.

More than three (3) temporary bans will render a permanent ban from all Complexity craft Servers and other assets such as the website.

Temporary Bans do not apply to Complexity Craft members.

Permanent Bans

Players may be banned permanently for any breech of our rules that an admin seem fit.

Permanent Bans are appealable and can be appealed by putting a strong case forward as to why you should be unbanned. To apply to be unbanned do so by completing this form.

You will not be informed if your appeal was unsuccessful, however it will be posted on the forums to which you may not have access.

A permanent ban is a life time ban and only uplifted by the head admin of Complexity Craft.

Complexity Craft members are not immune to Permanent Bans

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