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Application for Permanent Unban

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Application to Unban

Only use this form if you have been PERMANENTLY BANNED. You cannot appeal a temporary ban, if you have been temporally banned you must complete the sentence.
Game Name
Enter the name to identify you as the banned player.
This is required.
Banning Admin/Mod
Select the admin or mod who banned you.
This is required.
Date banned
Enter the date you were banned
This is required.
Banned Reason
Select why you were banned
This is required.
Other Reason
If you selected "Other Reason above" supply the other reason below.
This is required.
Why should you be unbanned?
This is your opportunity to provide a very good reason why you should be unbanned.
This is required.
By submitting this application I agree that I have not provided any false information. I understand that if it is found at a later stage that I did provide incorrect information that the permanent ban may be reinstated without notice. I also understand that I may not be informed of the decision not to unban me.
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A password will be emailed to you.